Tandarts dental clinic

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  • Tandarts dental clinic
  • Tandarts dental clinic
  • Tandarts dental clinic
  • Tandarts dental clinic
Tandarts dental clinic Tandarts dental clinic Tandarts dental clinic Tandarts dental clinic

Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our patients.We provide the following quality services:
Dental Consultation
You can freely visit us and discuss your dental concerns and get professional evaluation of your dental health.We consider this our strongest point of community service.

Dental Examination
The examination is a complete inspection of the oral cavity, face and neck. along with any necessary x-rays.

We have the facility of Periapical Radiographs.

Orthodontics (Braces/Functional Appliances)
Teeth which are irregular, crooked and asymmetrical can be straightened to give a pleasing and adorable smile & a better functioning by braces.
We provide following braces:
Fixed (metal)
Fixed ( ceremic/ tooth coloured)
Retainers ( removable and fixed)

Oral Hygiene:
For stains, calculus, discoloured teeth we provide:
Scaling with polishing ( ultrasonic and manual)
Prophy stain removing
Laser teeth whitening.
Oral hygiene maintenance and dietary guide session.
Fillings and Root Canals:
For treatment of carious teeth we provide:
Fissure sealing.(when caries just appear as a black dot or a line, fissure sealing helps preventing it to grow)
Fillings ( metal, white, laser white) (we use single capsule system for filling materials)
Dental pins & Sandwiched Fillings. (For deep Cavities)
Pulpotomy (For deep cavities with less agressive infection we use pulpotomies instead of going though the whole root canal treatment, it preserves vitality of tooth and no need of crowning)
Root Canal Treatment: ( when there is agressive infection, roots are all cleaned up and filled, and the tooth is then crowned. As the tooth is no more vital, crowning helps prevent breakage)
Minor oral surgical procedures
Surgical extractions
Complete mouth rehabilitation
It includes four stages:
correction stage: includes correcting all existing problems.
Interceptive stage: includes treatment of upcoming problems, so that they don't arise or arise with a less agressive picture.
preventive stage: with regular 6-12 monthly followups we keep maintaining hygiene and take preventive measures to stop future problems before hand.
OHI & DIET GUIDE: it includes oral hygiene maintenance guidance ( tooth brushing techniques, flossing, tooth paste selection) and dietary advice for better dental health.
If you want to see your mouth completely problem free, take no worries and get registration now!!!
Children dentistry
Complete range of pediatric procedures are available. It is mandatory to get your child checked up by a competent orthodontist at age of 8 months, 2.5 years, 7 years, 9 years, 12 years.
these are some critical times of growth and dental development, an Orthodontist can take some preventive and interceptive measures for your child's dentition to grow healthy. and you can save your child from early caries, irregular and malposed teeth so preventing future braces.

Prosthesis (Artificial teeth)
we provide following options:
Crowns and Bridges
Partial dentures
CC plates
Full dentures ( monoplast dentures, dentures with temporary soft lining and dentures with permanent soft lining)

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